IM Award Winners 2018

The International Management Division recognizes excellence in scholarship, teaching, and service by conferring various awards on well-deserving members of the Division. Congratulations to all of the 2018 winners! Please see the IM Division’s website for details about each of the awards.

IM Division D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University Best Dissertation Award

“Foreign MNEs and Nonmarket Strategy”
    • Jin Hyung Kim, George Washington University (Ph.D. from Harvard Business School)

    IM Division HKUST Best Paper in Global Strategy

    “Leveraging New Knowledge: The Learning-By-Exporting Effect on Leading and Lagging Family Firms”
      • Joan Freixanet, St. Petersburg State U
      • Joaquin Monreal, U. of Murcia
      • Gregorio Sanchez-Marin, U. of Murcia

    IM Division Best Paper in OB / HRM / OT

    “Examining the Role of Institutions in Strategic Leadership Structures using Configurational Analysis”
      • Rene Olie, Erasmus U. Rotterdam
      • Rekha Rao-Nicholson, Newcastle U. London

    IM Division GWU-CIBER Best Paper on Emerging Markets

    “How dynamic capabilities enhance multinationality-performance relationship of emerging market firms?”
      • Amit Karna, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
      • Anish Purkayastha, U. of Sydney Business School
      • Sunil Sharma, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
      • Dhiman Bhadra, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

    IM Division Willamette University, Atkinson Graduate School of Management Best Paper in International Ethics, Social Responsibility, and/or Sustainability

    “Part of the problem or part of the solution? MNEs, FDI, and the cycle of corruption in Africa”
      • Aloysius Marcus Newenham-Kahindi, U. of  Saskatchewan
      • Charles Edward Stevens, Lehigh U.

    IM Division CGIO National University of Singapore Best Paper in International Corporate Governance

    “Bringing Nationalism into Management Research: Governance Choices in Cross-Border Collaborations”
      • Gokhan Ertug, Singapore Management U.
      • Ilya Cuypers, Singapore Management U.
      • Douglas Dow, Melbourne Business School

    IM Division Douglas Nigh Award

    “Competing for Emerging Markets: A Resource Dependence Model of Foreign Market Entry Mode”
      • Maurice Jerel Murphy, U. of Southern California

    IM Division CEIBS Best Paper Award 

    “Stigma Avoidance and the Delay of Foreign Exits of Emerging Economy Multinational Enterprises”
      • Kiattichai Kalasin, National Institute of Development Administration
      • Klaus Meyer, Ivey Business School

    William H. Newman Award Nominee

    Bird in Hand or Two in the Bush: Location ChoicesSpecific to Present Vis-à-vis Future Buyers”
      • Toshimitsu Ueta, Copenhagen Business School

    Carolyn Dexter Award Nominee

    “Intercultural communication challenges in East-East encounters”
      • Hyun-Jung Lee, London School of Economics
      • Katsuhiko Yoshikawa, Shanghai Jiao Tong U.
      • Carol Wasbauer Reade, San Jose State U.

    Emerald Best International Symposium Award Nominee

    Exploring Multilevel Issues in the Integration of Skilled International Migrants”
      • Organizers:
        Minna Marinova Paunova, Copenhagen Business School
        Kyle Ehrhardt, U. of Colorado, Denver

    IM Division PWC Strategy& Eminent Scholar Award

      • Sri ZaheerUniversity of Minnesota

    IM Division FIU Emerging Scholar Award 

      • Prithwiraj Choudhury, Harvard Business School
      • Sinziana Dorobantu, New York University

    IM Division Outstanding Service to the Global Community Award

      • Stephen B. Tallman, University of Richmond

    Amorepacific Outstanding Educator Award

      • Christopher Bartlett, Harvard Business School

    IM Division Best Reviewer Awards

    • Eren Akkan*
    • Jesper Edman***
    • Jakob Müllner**
    • Snehal Awate
    • Johann Fortwengel
    • Karishma Nagre*
    • Benjamin Bader
    • Katia De Melo Galdino
    • Michael Nippa*
    • Heather Berry
    • Renfei Gao
    • Sonia C. OliveiraMoritz Botts
    • Tao Han
    • Linda Rademaker*
    • Brent BurmesterAndreas Hartmann
    • Rajeev J. Sawant
    • Anthony Cannizzaro
    • Vanessa C. Hasse**
    • Jan Schmitt
    • Hyundo Choi
    • Andreas Stefan Hundschell
    • Gerhard Schnyder
    • Eliane Choquette
    • Nandini Lahiri
    • Riki Takeuchi*
    • Daniel Richard Clark*
    • Nathaniel Lupton
    • Lisa Tang
    • Luis Alfonso Dau*
    • John Mezias*
    • Markus David Taussig
    • Roisin Donnelly
    • Gonzalo Molina Sieiro

    Awards presentation  available here