IM Division Chair Message

Dear IM Division Members,

Jaeyong Song
IM Division Chair


I hope you are safe and well. As you are aware, we will have another virtual Annual Meeting this year. This year’s conference theme of “Bringing the Manager Back in Management” is very timely and appropriate as the tenor of our time suggests that seeking to help managers deal with the issues confronting them would be a valuable contribution to the world we live in.

Program Chair Bill Newburry and Professional Development Workshop (PDW) Chair Grazia Santangelo have been hard at work building the IM Division’s conference program. We are extremely grateful for their work. Grazia’s efforts have led to an IM Division PDW program which will feature select PDWs and our division’s Doctoral Student Consortium (chaired by Elizabeth Maitland), Junior Faculty Consortium (chaired by Jonathan Doh), Paper Development Workshop (chaired by Srividya Jandhyala), and “Meet-the-Editors” session (chaired by Ilya Cuypers). Bill had the huge job of putting together our division’s scholarly program which includes symposia and paper sessions, covering the vast array of topics that comprise our field of International Management. The scholarly program highlights include sessions featuring nominees for best paper awards and finalists for the D’Amore-McKim Northeastern University Best Dissertation Award. In addition to enjoying paper presentations and engaging with the other friendly IM Division members, join us for some informal discussions about leading-edge IM issues at our Thought Leadership Café with this year’s thought leaders, Sam Park and Elizabeth Rose.

I will recognize several special honorees this year – Rosalie Tung (IM Division Eminent Scholar Award), Eleanor Westney (IM Division Outstanding Service to the Global Community Award), Paul Almeida (IM Division AmorePacific Outstanding Educator Award), and Stav Fainshmidt (IM Division FIU Emerging Scholar Award) – in addition to the winners of the paper and dissertation awards at the IM Division Business Meeting. IM Division plenary session titled, ‘A Holistic View of the Future of International Management’ will be featured by professional achievement award winners – Paul Almeida, Eleanor Westney, and Stav Fainshmidt.

As I announced in the previous newsletter, in response to the Covid-19 crisis, our division’s Executive Committee (EC) launched the division webinar series as a new initiative. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, webinars have become an effective vehicle to help scholars and students around the world keep up with and discuss important topics. After the annual conference last August, to better serve division members’ intellectual needs, IM Division offered three types of webinars: Eminent Scholar webinars, research webinars, and committee-led webinars. We invited Tarun Khanna, John Cantwell, and Bruce Kogut as speakers for the newly introduced Eminent Scholar Webinars. Each Eminent Scholar Webinar was well attended with more than 200 registrants. 

Elizabeth Rose, former Division Chair, and Denise Dunlap, Chair of the Scholarship and Engagement Committee, organized research webinars in February, March, and April, 2021. The Membership Drive Committee led by Alex Settles and Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro launched IM Global Podcast Series with monthly episodes featuring influential scholars in IM such as Ruth Aguilera, Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Rebecca Piekkari and Anu Phene. In addition, the Online Research Resources Committee (chaired by Sali Li) and the Teaching Committee (Chaired by Carl Fey) organized webinars.

This year, we submitted our five-year review report to AOM Headquarters. With the help of the Membership Drive Committee, we conducted member surveys. On behalf of the EC, I would like to appreciate IM Division members who participated in the survey. AOM Headquarters gave us positive feedback and constructive suggestions. We will do our best to reflect suggestions to make IM Division better for our members. This year, Dennys Eduardo Rossetto, Division Webmaster, has been upgrading the IM Division website and the URL is Although there are some areas for further improvements in the transition process which is still going on, the new website will be better eventually.

The IM Division runs through the efforts of a remarkably large number of volunteers. Treasurer Malika Richards does an amazing job of watching over our division’s finances and serving as a key interface with AOM Headquarters. Chei Hwee Chua, as Chair of the Communications Committee does a remarkable amount of work behind the scenes, overseeing the outward-looking face of our division (and keeping the rest of us in line – no easy task, indeed!). The IM Division owes huge debts of gratitude to all members of our various committees, which are chaired by Anu Phene (Professional Achievement), Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra (Eminent Scholar), Nandini Lahiri (Research), Davina Vora (Dissertation), Carl Fey (Teaching), Ali Taleb (Online Teaching Resources), Alex Settles and Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro (Membership Drive), Denise Dunlap (Scholarship and Engagement), Sali Li (Online Research Resources) and Jason Sigler (Doctoral Student). If you are interested in joining this group of wonderful IM Division volunteers, please let EC members know or contact committee chairs.

There is another key set of volunteers… the IM Division Executive Committee. For the past year, I have had the great pleasure of working with Anu Phene, Katherine Xin, Bill Newburry and Grazia Santangelo as EC members. After the conference, Anu will rotate off the EC – but it is good to know that she will not go far, as she will still be involved as a member of the Professional Achievement Awards committee. I really appreciate Anu for her enormous energy and commitment to the IM Division as a member of the EC for the past five years! At the same time, the EC will gain a new member – please join me in welcoming Nandini Lahiri, who will be the PDW Chair for the 2022 AOM conference in Seattle. The EC is delighted to have Nandini on board, she joins us with years of tremendous service to the IM Division in her prior role as Chair of the Research Committee as well as Chair of the Division Paper Development Workshop.

We could not do this without our generous sponsors. We are deeply grateful to AmorePacific, CEIBS, Florida International U., George Washington U. CIBER, Georgetown U. McDonough School of Business, Hong Kong U. of Science and Technology, Northeastern U. D’Amore-McKim School of Business, and the U. of South Carolina for their support of various awards. Thank you so much to all of our sponsors! I am also pleased to announce that Hyundai Motor agreed to sponsor the IM Division Eminent Scholar Award starting from 2022. The new name of the award will be the IM Division Hyundai Motor Eminent Scholar Award.

Last – but certainly not least – I want to acknowledge the IM Division members from around the world, who contribute in a myriad of ways, from submitting and presenting their ideas, to serving as reviewers, to helping to create the community that characterizes our Division. When I think of the AOM, I think of the IM Division… and that is due to each and every one of you. Thank you – and see you at the virtual meeting!

With best regards,

Jaeyong Song
Division Chair