IM Award Winners 2015

IM Division CEIBS Best Paper Award

Entry Mode and Performance of Nordic Firms: Firm-Specific Advantages and International Experience
    • Guus Hendriks, Erasmus U. Rotterdam
    • Pursey Heugens, Erasmus U. Rotterdam
    • Arjen Slangen, Erasmus U. Rotterdam


Fundação Dom Cabral Best Paper in Strategy / IB Theory

Global Diversification Discount and Its Discontents: Self-selection Makes a World of Difference
    • Sungyong Chang, Columbia Business School
    • Bruce Kogut, Columbia Business School
    • Jae-Suk Yang, Columbia U.


Best Paper in OB / HRM / OT Award

Melting pot or tribe? Ethnic diversity, subsidiary ownership and employee productivity
    • Jennifer Oetzel, American U.
    • Chang Hoon Oh, Simon Fraser U.


GWU-CIBER Emerging Markets Award

Institutional change and firms’ entry mode in Africa
    • Ruiyuan Chen, U. of South Carolina
    • Lin Cui, Australian National U.
    • Sali Li, U. of South Carolina
    • Robert Rolfe, U. of South Carolina


Willamette University, Atkinson Graduate School of Management Best Paper in International Ethics, Social Responsibility, and/or Sustainability

CSR by Chinese Multinational Enterprises: Drivers of Global Integration and Local Responsiveness
    • Christof Miska, WU Vienna
    • Michael A. Witt, INSEAD
    • Günter K. Stahl, WU Vienna
    • Monika Mikulová, Momit


Gustavson School of Business Award for the Best Qualitative Paper in IB

Understanding and developing an offshoring capability: Evidence from the Dutch IT industry
    • Oli Mihalache, Wilfrid Laurier U. & VU U. Amsterdam
    • Mashiho Mihalache, NEOMA Business School


IM Division Douglas Nigh Award

Pathways to Performance Improvement from Privatization
    • Sharon Leona Poczter, Cornell U.

IM Division CGIO Best Paper in International Corporate Governance

The effect of cross-listing on corporate social responsibility
    • Barbara Del Bosco, U. of Milano-Bicocca
    • Nicola Misani, Bocconi U.


D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University Best Dissertation Award

Property rights theory and ownership of firm-specific advantages: The implications of contracting and licensing within the multinational firm
    • Catherine Magelssen, London Business School (Ph.D. awarded by Rutgers U.)


IM Division Strategy& Eminent Scholar Award

Marjorie Lyles, Indiana University
For her lifetime achievement in international management scholarship
Videos of Marjorie’s speech can be found on our division’s Facebook Group page. Date posted: August 2015.


IM Division Outstanding Educator Award

Steve Weiss, York University
For his outstanding contribution to international management teaching and education


IM Division Outstanding Service to the Global Community Award

Seung Ho Park, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
For his continuous excellence in serving the international community


IM 2015 Best Reviewers

Kazuhiro Asakawa; Paulina Junni; Smita Paul; Leigh Randall Baker; Robert Lindorfer; Minna Paunova; Mark E. Barnard; Ru-Shiun Liou; Niccolo Pisani; Jean J Boddewyn; Ron Maas; Grazia D. Santangelo; Jesper Edman; Irina Mihailova; Jan Selmer; Anthony Fee; Santiago Mingo*; Charles Edward Stevens; Laurel Grassin-Drake; Denis Odlin; Thomas Li-Ping Tang; Mohsin Habib; Marie Oehme; Helene Tenzer; Jasper Hotho; Jesse E. Olsen

*Denotes also IM Division 2014 Best Reviewer


Multiple Year Outstanding Reviewer

Santiago Mingo