IM Teaching Committee

The Teaching Committee’s mandate is to promote teaching excellence among members of the division.  Specifically, the committee facilitates the identification of best practices in teaching international management and provides opportunities for their exchange and dissemination. It coordinates the compilation of teaching resources from master teachers and provides those to members through the IM Division website. The committee is responsible for organizing the PDW on Teaching International Management at the annual AOM meetings.

Charles Dhanaraj 

Carl Fey

Iris Berdrow

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Georgia State University 
BI Norwegian Business School
Bentley University

Andreas Schotter

Andrew Spicer

Jean Lee

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Western University
University of South Carolina

Vinod Jain

Gerhard Apfelthaler

Rimi Zakaria

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Formerly, Rutgers University Business School, Newark and New Brunswick
California Lutheran University
University of Wisconsin – Whitewater