[2017] Minutes of the IM Division

Minutes of the 2017 IM Division Business Meeting, Atlanta, GA, USA

1. Welcome and Introduction

Division Chair Jay Anand welcomed all and presented the agenda for the meeting

2. Housekeeping

The Division Chair asked to check the 2016 Meeting Minutes, which are in email, and the financial report.

3. Appreciation for IM Service

The Division Chair expressed his appreciation to the EC and especially singled out PDW Chair Anu Phene and Program Chair Beth Rose. He also thanked the IM Division Committee Chairs and other members for their service to the division. These included acknowledgements to Bill Newburry (Dissertation), Grazia Santagelo (Research), Mary Teagarden (Teaching), Sam Park (PWC Strategy& Eminent Scholar), Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra (Professional Achievement), Denise Dunlap (Social), Tanvi Kothari (Membership Drive), Allan Bird (Outreach), A.J. Corner (Doctoral Student), Chei Hwee Chua (Communications), Ali Taleb (Online Teaching), and Sali Li (Online Research).

He also thanked the members of various committees.

4. Staying in Touch with the IM Division

The Division Chair noted that there are several ways to keep in touch with the Division, including Facebook, LinkedIn (for doctoral students), the IM Division webpage, the IM Division Newsletter, and the IMD-L Listserv. These are all maintained by the Communications Committee (Chei Hwee Chua (Chair), Liena Kano (Facebook Group Manager), Evelyne Misati (Communications Officer), Charles Wankel (IMD L-list Director), Rimi Zakaria (Photography Manager).

5. Sponsor Recognition

Division Chair Jay Anand thanked the nine sponsors for their significant contributions to the division’s awards.

  1. Treasurer’s Report 2016-2017

IM Division Treasurer, Malika Richards, summarized the health of the division, saying membership is solid, but has declined slightly over the last few years. We had 2,537 members as of July 2017, which is 14% of total AOM membership and are among the top 5 divisions, with an allocation of $28,407 available on January 2018 (compared with 2,635/$29,485 in 2016, and 2,728/$30,508 in 2014.

She also reported on continuing and significant contributions to the division in 2017 – with $21,000 pledged by Strategy&, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Florida International Univ., George Washington Univ. CIBER, Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology (HKUST), National Univ. of Singapore, Northeastern Univ., Univ. of South Carolina, and Willamette Univ.

This compares with the 2016 figure of $17,000 contributed by Strategy&, Florida International Univ., Northeastern Univ., China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), George Washington Univ. CIBER, Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology (HKUST), National Univ. of Singapore, Univ. of South Carolina, Univ. of Victoria, and Willamette Univ.

She thanked the financial contributors, noting that they make a big difference to the quality and extensiveness of our activities, and to our award offerings. Finally, she noted that the IM Division is in good shape, and that we are working to increase our membership.

She provided a financial summary for 2017 compared to prior year – balance forward, -$1,003 ($10,926, prior year); division allocation, $28,407 ($29,485, prior year); other revenue received, $20,985 ($17,000, prior year); total expenses, not available for current year ($58,722, prior year); operating funds and endowment as of 01/01, $28,482 and $64,366 for current year ($40,719 and $58,104 respectively for prior year); and, operating funds as of 12/31 is not available for current year (-$1,003, prior year). In addition, she commented that, although fundraising and membership allocation has not kept pace with rising conference expenses, endowment is healthy, and fundraising increased over last year. Meanwhile, the only concern, she had, was that a number of awards are reaching the expiry of their sponsorship dates. In the end, she indicated that a detailed report is posted at the IM division website.

7. PDW Chair Report

PDW Chair Anu Phene thanked all those who contributed to the PDW program. She noted that we had 19 PDWs that had their primary sponsorship from the IM Division, covering research, teaching, and career/skills. In addition to the IM-sponsored PDWs, another 23 were jointly sponsored (organized by other divisions). She announced that The PDW 2017 program will have Friday Tour at the Center for Civil and Human Rights.

She recognized PDW drivers, starting with a special thanks to local host– Georgia State University and the Institute for International Business. She appreciated the organizers of the four well-received consortia– Ajai Gaur (Doctoral), Heather Berry and Udo Zander (Junior Faculty), Jaeyong Song (Mid-Career Faculty)– noting that the quality of the panels in each of consortia was remarkable. And last but not least, she thanked Felipe Monteiro for arranging the Paper Development Workshop, along with Sjoerd Beugelsdijk for his work with the editors. She expressed her gratitude to everyone who proposed PDW sessions and made submissions.

8. Program Chair Report

Program Chair Beth Rose reported on the IM Division Program. She thanked all the submitters for helping to make the program a great success. She noted that there were 427 paper and 28 symposia submissions and 497 reviewers from 52 countries, compared to last year’s 420 paper and 26 symposia, and 466 reviews. She thanked all of the reviewers, and detailed the program statistics:

  • Submitted: 427 papers and 28 symposia (82 average submissions per reviewer and 3.29 average reviews per submission)
  • Accepted: 262 Divisional papers in 62 sessions (compared to 240 papers in 60 sessions in prior year); 26 discussion papers in 7 sessions (compared to 24 discussion in prior year); 17 Lead Symposia (compared to 18 in prior year)

The program also included the Thought Leadership Café. Beth Rose thanked Timothy M. Devinney and Sam Park for their contributions.

9. Awards

For the IM Division D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University Award for the Best Dissertation in International Management, the finalists were:

Three Essays on the Influence of Political Connections in Firm International Expansions Strategy”, João Albimo-Pimentel (University of South Carolina, PhD from HEC Paris)

Response to Subpar Performance in Foreign Subsidiaries”, Vaness C. Hasse (University of San Francisco, PhD from Western University)

Managing Complex Multinational Enterprises: Internal Networks Structure and Expatriation Strategies”, Jongmin Lee (University of Reading, PhD from University of Reading)

Drivers of Successful Cross-border Knowledge Transfer in International Acquisitions”, Abby Jingzi Zhou (Liverpool University, PhD from University of Nottingham)

The winner was Vanessa C. Hasse.

For the HKUST Best Paper in Global Strategy Award, the finalists were:

Multcountyry and Multifirm Colocation: A Network Approach”, Minyoung Kim (University of Kansas)

 “Organizational Acculturation: Shaping Strategy Process in the Internationalization Process”, Yingying Zhang (University of Madrid); Chad Albrecht (Utah State University); Li Tian ( Nankai University); and Yu Zhou (Renmin University of China)

Globally-dispersed Innovations and Firm Innovativeness: The S-curve Perspective”, Tung-Min Hung (Rutgers University); Yi-Ju Lo  (Yuan Ze University); and Ming-Je Tang (National Taiwan University)

FDI Expansion Speed”, WeiqiangA ‘Ryan’ Tang (University of South Australia)

The winners was Minyoung Kim.

For the Best Paper in OB / HRM / OT Award, the finalists were:

Age, Gender and a Double Jeopardy in Expatriate Selection”, Daniela Noethen (ESADE Business School/ Ramon Llull University); Jaime Bonache (University Carlos III de Madrid); and Anne Burmeister (University of Bern)

How Language Diversity Affects Knowledge Processing in Multinational Teams”, Helene Tenzer (University of Tübingen); Markus Pudelko (University of Tübingen); Mary M. Maloney (University of St. Thomas); and Mary E. Zellmer-Bruhn (University of Minnesota)

Managing Ongoing Dualities in International Business”, Sónia C. Oliveira (NOVA School of Business and Economics); Joana S. Story (NOVA School of Business and Economics); and Miguel Pina Cunha (NOVA School of Business and Economics)

Expatriates’ Cultural Intelligence, Embeddedness and Knowledge Sharing: A Multilevel Analysis”, Sebastian Stoermer (University of Göttingen); Samuel Davies (University of Göttingen); and Fabian Jintae Froese (University of Göttingen)

The winners were Helene Tenzer, Markus Pudelko, Mary M. Maloney, and Mary E. Zellmer-Bruhn.

For the Gustavson School of Business Award for the Best Qualitative Paper in International Business, the finalists were:

Headquarters Transfer of Capabilities in the MNC: The Challenge of Subunit Innovation Networks”, Olof Lindahl (Uppsala University)

Leader-TMT Dynamics and Internationalization of Chinese Banking and Finance Institutions”, Yiyi Su (Tongji University); and Di Fan (Curtin University)

How Language Problems Affect International Academic Careers in Management”, Markus Pudelko (University of Tübingen); and Helene Tenzer (University of Tübingen)

Resource Allocation in SME Internationalization: A Portfolio Theory Perspective”, Adeoye I. Adegorite(University of Waterlooo); and Rod B. McNaughton (University of Auckland)

The winner were Markus Pudelko and Helene Tenzer.

The honorable mention were Adeoye I. Adegorite and Rod B. McNaughton.

For the GWU-CIBER Emerging Markets Award, the finalists were:

An Institutional Logics Approach to Liability of Foreignness: The Case of MNEs in Africa”, Aloysius Marcus Newenham-Kahindi (University of Saskatchewan); and Charles Edward Stevens (Lehigh University)

Top Management Team’s Political Connections, Corporate Governance and Internationalization”, Zhennan Wang (Syracuse University)

The Impact of Acquirers’ Origins on Acquisition Premiums for Targets in Developed Countries”, Rong Zeng (University of Calgary)

Business Model Adaptation to Instituional Voids: The Case of Jumia, the Amazon of Africa” Augustine Awuah Peprah (Università Ca’Foscari Venezia); and Claudio Giachetti (Università Ca’Foscari Venezia)

The winner was Zhennan Wang.

For the Willamette University, Atkinson Graduate School of Management Best Paper in International Ethics, Social Responsibility, and/or Sustainability, the finalists were:

Global Economic Integration: The Impacts of Trade Networks on Firm-level CSR Signaling”, Luis Alfonso Dau (Northeastern University); Elizabeth Marie Moore (Northeastern University); and Margaret Soto (Northeastern University)

CSR Evolution in Emerging Multinational Corporations Operating in Developed Countries”, Germano Glufke Reis (Federal University of Parana)

 “Business Groups, Social, and Environmental Performane: A Comparison of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan”, Jintao Zhang (University of Newcastle, Australia); Stephen Chen (University of Newcastle, Australia); and Hao Tan (University of Newcastle, Australia)

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility in Multinational Enterprises”, Christian Geisler Asmussen (Copenhagen Business School); and Andrea Fosfuri (Bocconi University)

The winners were Christian Geisler Asmussen and Andrea Fosfuri.

For the CGIO National University of Singapore Best Paper in International Corporate Governance Award, the finalists were:

The Roe of Institutional Logics in Board Interlock Formation”, Kai Xu (University of Texas at San Antonio); Rose Ji Youn Kim (University of Kentucky); Michael C. Withers (Texas A&M University); and Michae Dean Howard (Texas A&M University)

Corporate Governance and Elites”, Franklin Nakpodia (Northumbria University); and Emmanuel Afolabi Adegbite (De Montfort University).

 “What Drives Prescriptions of Board Involvement in Corporate Governance CodeS?”, Till Talaulicar (University of Erfurt); William Q. Judge (Old Dominion University); and Mark Mallon (Elon University)

Keeping up with Joneses: How Family Firms Navigate their Foreign Direct Investment”, Sebastian Fourne (Wilfred Laurier University); and Miriam Zschoche (University of Erfurt)

The winners were Kai Xu, Rose Ji Youn Kim, Michael C. Withers and Michael Dean Howard.

For the Douglas Nigh Award, the finalists were:

Host Market Corruption: Subsidiary Strategies and Market Exit”, Michael A. Sartor (Queen’s University)

Foreign Markets and Environmental Performance: The Timing of the Response to Institutional Pressures”, Estefania Amer (HEC Lausanne)

Age-based Social Status, Team Safety Climate, and Innovation: Overcoming Culture with Team Effects”, Timothy R, Moake (University of Missouri); Nahyun Oh (University of Missouri); and Clarissa Rene Steele (University of Missouri)

The winner were Timothy R. Moake, Nahyun Oh, and Clarissa Rene Steele.

For the CEIBS Best Paper Award, all finalists for IM Division Paper Awards are also finalists for IM Division.

The winner were Sebastian Fourne and Miriam Zschoche.

In Academy-Level Recognitions,

For William H. Newman Award Nominee, the nominee was Michael A. Sartor

For Carolyn Dexter Award, the finalists were Sebastian Stoermer, Samuel Davies, and Fabian Jintae Froese

For Emerald Best International Symposium, the finalists were Anna Grosman, Ilya Okhmatovskiv, and Mike Wright

10. Thank you to the reviewers:

The Program Chair thanked, again, the reviewers. She emphasized Karishma Nagre from University of Otago. And she noted IM Division 2017 Best Reviewers awards, which come with a certificate, and named Eren Akkan, Jesper Edman, Jakob Müllner, Estefania Amer, Raquel Garcia-Garcia, Karishma Nagre, Mark E. Barnard, Maja Graso, Michael Nippa, Cordula Barzantny, Vanessa C. Hasse, Daniela Noethen, Ana Claudia Belfort, Exequiel Hernandez, Manuel Anibal Portugal Ferreira, Jean J. Boddewyn, Kate Hughes, Linda Rademaker, Michal Budryk, Makafui Kwame Kumodzie-Dussey, Michael A. Sartor, Daniel Richard Clark, Aude Le Cottier, Christopher Schlaegel, Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, John Mezias, Charles Edward Stevens, Luis Alfonso Dau, Marine Mograbyan, Riki Takeuchi, Henrik Dellestrand, Katrin Susanne Muehlfeld, Gislaine Cristina Dos Santos Teixeira, Rian H.J. Drogendijk, Michael Juergen Mueller, and Anna Zubkovskaya as the best reviewers for 2017.

11. Professional Achievement Awards/Lifetime Achievement Awards:

The Eminent Scholar Award is sponsored by Strategy&, which is the IM Division’s longest-serving sponsor. The committee consists of Sam Park (Chair), Art Kleiner and Sea-Jin Chang.  The 2017 IM Division Strategy& Eminent Scholar was Paul W. Beamish, Ivey School of Business Western University.

For FIU Emerging Scholar, the committee consists of three past division chairs (Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Sea-Jin Chang, and Jennifer Spencer). The 2017 award went to Elena Kulchina, Duke University.

The Outstanding Service to the Global Community Award, went to Jean Boddewyn (Baruch College, City University of New York)

The Outstanding Educator Award went to Anil K. Gupta (University of Maryland) and Yadong Luo (University of Miami).

The Professional Achievement Award Committee awarded a Special Recognition to Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, for his outstanding contributions to the IM Division of Academy of Management as a member of the executive committee from 2013 to 2017.

12. The IM Division Team

The Division Chair then introduced the members of the 2017-2018 Executive Committee: PDW Chair (Jaeyong Song), Division Program Chair (Anu Phene), Division Chair-Elect (Beth Rose), Division Chair (Aya Chacar), and Immediate Past Division Chair (Jay Anand). He noted that he looks forward to working with all the EC members in the next year to make the IM division even better.

13. Future AOM Conferences

The Division Chair shared dates and locations of the conferences for the next 10 years, with the 2018 conference to be held in Chicago, Illinois.

14. Adjournment

The Division Chair reminded everyone about the division social that night and thanked everyone for a great year. The meeting was then closed.

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