IM Division Committees

Below are the mandates of IM Division Committees and their current members. The committees welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Research Committee

The Research Committee’s mandate is to promote scholarship excellence through recognizing members’ research achievements and maintaining high standards for the research awards given by the division. Specifically, the Committee is responsible for reviewing the work of the finalists and selecting the winners for the following division awards:

(1) IM Division CEIBS Best Paper Award

(2) IM Division HKUST Best Paper in Global Strategy Award

(3) IM Division Best Paper in OB / HRM / OT Award

(4) IM Division GWU-CIBER Best Paper on Emerging Markets Award

(5) IM Division Willamette University, Atkinson Graduate School of Management Best Paper in International Ethics, Social Responsibility, &/or Sustainability Award

(6) IM Division CGIO Best Paper in International Corporate Governance Award

(7) Douglas Nigh Award

Grazia D. Santangelo

Copenhagen Business School

Carolina Gomez
Florida International University
Catherine Welch
University of Sydney
Gary Knight
Willamette University
Henrik Dellestrand
Uppsala University
Ilir Haxhi

University of Amsterdam

Ilya Cuypers
Singapore Management University
Jesper Edman

Waseda University

Markus Pudelko
Tübingen University
Mila Lazarova

Simon Fraser University

Nandini Lahiri
American University
Randi Lunnan
BI Norwegian Business School
Riki Takeuchi

University of Texas at Dallas

Srividya Jandhyala

Essec Business School

Teaching Committee

The Teaching Committee’s mandate is to promote teaching excellence among members of the division.  Specifically, the committee facilitates identification of best practices in teaching international management and provides opportunities for their exchange and dissemination.  It coordinates the compilation of teaching resources from master teachers and provides those to members through the IM Division website.  The committee is responsible for organizing the PDW on Teaching International Management at the annual AOM meetings.


Carl Fey

Aalto University School of Business

Gerhard Apfelthaler

California Lutheran University

Stéphane J. G. Girod,
Andrea Schotter

Western University

S. Ramakrishna Velamuri

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

Jean Lee


Howard Yu


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee’s mandate is to facilitate communication and interaction among members and to keep members informed about important issues and events within the division and the broader academic community. Specifically, this committee is responsible for the following: (1) design, maintain, and update the division’s website; (2) edit and distribute the division newsletter “IM Division News”; (3) issue regular “IM Division Updates” to members through e-mail and the division’s Facebook Group Page; (4) provide an avenue for member online communication and interaction through the division’s Community on the “Connect@AOM” platform and the division’s Facebook Group Page; and (5) take photos at various division sessions, activities, and events during the AOM annual meetings, and manage the division’s photo gallery.


Chei Hwee Chua
Chair and Division Archivist
University of South Carolina
Dennys Eduardo Rossetto

SKEMA Business School
U. of Texas at El Paso 

Sahrok Kim
Facebook Admin Manager

California State University at Stanislaus

Charles Wankel
IM Division Community Lead Admin and Moderator
St. John's University
Antonina (Tonya) Bauman
IM Division Community Admin and Moderator

Emporia State University

Hussain Rammal
IM Division Community Admin and Moderator

University of Technology Sydney

Rimi Zakaria
Photography Manager and Lead Photographer
University of Wisconsin Whitewater
Raquel Garcia-Garcia
The Open University
Marius Brand

Vienna University of Economics and Business

Danielle Combs
Communications Officer

Florida International University

Professional Achievement Awards Committee

This is an umbrella committee chaired by the Immediate Past Chair and made up of previous Past Chairs of the IM Division. This committee is responsible for handling the nominations and selection of the recipients of the following three professional achievement awards:

(1) IM Division Outstanding Educator Award

(2) IM Division Outstanding Service to the Global Community Award

(3) IM Division FIU Emerging Scholar Award


Elizabeth Rose
Leeds U. Business School
Aya Chacar

Florida International University

Jay Anand

The Ohio State University

Eminent Scholar Award Committee

This committee is responsible for nominating the recipient of the Eminent Scholar Award, which is then approved by the Executive Committee. This award recognizes lifetime achievement in international management scholarship.



Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra

Northeastern U.

Jay Anand

The Ohio State University

Sri Zaheer

U. of Minnesota

Doctoral Student Committee

The Doctoral Student Committee’s mandate is to serve the professional and social needs of the doctoral student members of the division by creating a network of junior scholars and facilitating information exchange and knowledge sharing. Specifically, the committee organizes social get-togethers at the AOM annual meetings where students interact with colleagues and senior faculty, participates in the IM Division Doctoral Student Consortium, and provides opportunities for students to offer feedback to division officers, and for the officers to interact with the student membership. A long-term goal of the committee is to create a virtual community through the IM Division website for the purposes of sharing information on job and fellowship opportunities, doctoral dissertation research, and collaboration.



Jason Sigler

Ohio State University

Jan Schmitt

Vienna University (WU)

Tiberiu Ungureanu

The Ohio State University

Cheng Li

Ivey Business School

Membership Drive Committee

The Membership Drive Committee has the purpose of increasing AOM member awareness regarding the IM Division while encouraging membership involvement. The Membership Drive Committee assists the Executive Committee (EC) in identifying and addressing issues regarding member relations and involvement, serves as a liaison between the membership and EC, and fosters communication from and amongst members.



Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro

University of Florida
Area: Latin America

Tanvi Kothari

San Jose State University
Areas: Southwestern and Western US, and Western Canada

Rui Torres de Oliveira

Queensland University of Technology
Areas: Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands 

Hyun-Jung Lee

London School of Economics & Political Science
Areas: UK, Middle East, and Africa

Patricio Duran

Saint Louis University
Area: United States

Alex Settles

University of Florida
Areas: Russia and Northern Europe

Iiris Saittakar

Aalto University
Areas: Nordic and Scandinavian countries

Sachiko Yamao

Keio University
Areas: Japan and Pacific Islands

Alfred Presbitero

Deakin University
Areas: Southeast Asia and Australia


Scholarship and Engagement Committee

The IM Division Scholarship and Engagement Committee was formed in January 2015 with the purpose to assist the IM Division Executive Committee on the social aspects our division’s AOM meeting program. We plan the IM Division Gala event in terms of venue, catering, and music. We also plan the catering for the PDW Welcome Breakfast; PDW Reception; Mid-career Faculty, Junior Faculty, and Doctoral Student Consortia; and PDW Strategy& Eminent Scholar Award reception. Through great events, food and drinks, we hope to facilitate networking and mentoring activities among division members at the AOM annual meetings.

Denise Dunlap

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Best Dissertation Award Committee

This committee is responsible for handling the submissions and selection of the winner and finalists of the IM Division D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University Award for the Best Dissertation in International Management.

Davina Vora

State University of New York at New Paltz

Bo Nielsen
University of Sydney
Mary Sully De Luque
Catie Magelssen
London Business School
Shameen Prashantham

CEIBS - China Europe International Business School

Stewart R. Miller

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Online Teaching Resources Committee

The Online Teaching Resource Committee is in charge of building a new area of our website that contains resources for IM instructors.  The committee members are in charge of periodically soliciting resources from members and adding their own. The goal is to  maintain a current and relevant teaching section for our website and ensure that all html links are still valid.  Resources include cases, current cases, course syllabi, audio visual material, games and other.

Ali Taleb
MacEwan University
Abdulrahman Chikhouni
Mount Royal University
Der Chao Chen
National Central University
Tan Joo Seng

Nanyang Technological University

Rimi Zakaria

University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Marleen Dieleman

National University of Singapore

Online Research Resources Committee

The Online Research Resource Committee is in charge of building a new area of our website that contains resources for IM researchers.  The committee members are in charge of periodically soliciting resources from members and adding their own. The goal is to  maintain a current and relevant teaching section for our website and ensure that all html links are still valid.  Resources include data sources and links to articles and websites on how to do research, be it methodological or statistical information, information on writing, statistical packages and other

Sali Li

University of South Carolina

Yipeng Liu

University of Reading

Liang Chen

University of Melbourne

Max Stallkamp

Virginia Tech

Noman Shaheer

University of Sydney 

Click here for the list of Past Division Committee Chairs & Members.